…Part 3 of our Bacolod food trip: the search for seafood.

We had a choice between Aboy’s and 18th St. Pala Pala, both highly recommended by friends and blogs.  But Aboy’s won. 

I was actually unsure if I still had room to eat some more, since we had just finished our late afternoon snack/early dinner at Manokan Country.  But upon entering Aboy’s, I knew that I would definitely find some space in my overstuffed tummy for more food!  

Top: Grilled stuffed squid and Scallops.  I LOOOOVVEDD the scallops! It was grilled to perfection and had the perfect garlicky butter combination to it.

Bottom:  Something I’ve never had before, adobong squid fat.  Apparently, the fat of the squid is that whitish thing you remove from the inside of the squid.  I learned something new that night.  I didn’t know you can cook it. ;D

I paired all of this with garlic rice, again topped with the orange-y oil of inasal. :)

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