FRI-DATE Chronicles (October 5): Hossein’s

For tonight’s dinner, it was a toss up between Mamou and Gaudi (again), since
JodiesDaddy was craving for good ol’ meat. However, when we were entering the driveway of Serendra, he had an epiphany as the big red sign of Hossein’s was staring down at us. “Why not Hossein’s?! Their meat is good and it will be much cheaper than the 2!” Soooooo Hossein’s it was!

To start, we had motabal which was served with 1 pita, roti channai and a papadum.

For our main course, we ordered the lamb (above) and the beef (not shown) shish kebabs (each order had 2 sticks). And ordered biryani rice to go with it (towards the end of the meal we ordered half a plate of saffron rice since we still had a lot of meat).

It was an excellent meal. I liked all the appetizers, though the roti was my favorite. And I liked how tender the lamb (which was NOT gamey at all) and beef were and that it was really really tasty and delicious.

Next week, I hope we think of another place as good as Hossein’s to eat at :). Suggestions? :)

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