FRI-DATE CHRONICLES (December 1): A barbecue with friends

Something different for this weeks Chronicles (soon, I think I will have to rename this whole Chronicles to something different *sigh*).

1. It happened on a Saturday instead of a Friday,
2. It was at a home (of our friend) instead of a restaurant
3. And it was a family affair (i.e. with Jodie and our friends kids as well!)

It was our second time at our friends’ house for a barbecue. The first time we came over they grilled some chicken and pork while we brought some chips — we kept it simple then.

But this time we had a feast!!

4 kinds of sausages, burgers, spinach and artichoke dip, buffalo wings and beer to chug it all down (take note — all of that for 4 adults!). For dessert, there was a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies. Everything was homemade by our friends (except the sausages which we brought)… And all of it was so good. There is really nothing like eating food fresh from the grill. I just love it.

Since we’ve already had the meats, maybe for our next barbecue, we will have seafood… I can just imagine: squid, fish, shrimp and shell fish like oysters and mussels and scallops… Yummmmmm

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