This week has so far been a very stressful and EXHAUSTING week.. It’s the week before the move in to our new place. I took some days off work to fix up, pack up and do some last minute home-shopping (as in going to home depots and hardware stores).

One of the depots we went to is located in Ortigas. And since we were in the vicinity, we dropped by Megamall.. And what is my favorite restaurant in Megamall?!? YABU!!

JodiesDaddy and I each had a Rosu Tonkatsu set. His was 180g and I just got 120g. In hindsight, we should have just shared the 180g and ordered an extra unlimited rice, since we ended up being so full! Good thing we exercised after, by walking around the mall. Yabu hit the spot and served as my second wind for that day of shopping :)

**this is my 1000th post.. Give or take a handful of reblogs (tops, 10)… I am amazed hahaha it took me 33months!**

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