FRI-DATE Chronicles (25 January 2013): Tong Yang

Tong Yang used to be one of our go-to restaurants whenever we had a shabu-shabu craving or if we wanted to pig out on a budget. In fact there was a time when JodiesDaddy and I would eat at Tong Yang almost weekly! Until we slowly got sick of it hahaha

Last Friday, after months of absence, JodiesDaddy started craving for it again. I was too hungry to take pictures of everything I ate (we had to wait for about 30minutes for a table).. But for me, this was about it: assorted seafood balls, meatballs, hot dogs, tocino, beef slices and fried rice. JodiesDaddy had more seafood and vegetables on his plates.

Tong Yang is not for everyone. We have friends who do not like it there at all. But not us… I have a strange feeling we revived a weekly habit :)

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  1. redblackapron said: I used to not like shabu shabu places kasi ayoko nang magluto…I want to eat agad! Hahah pero now I don’t mind :)
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